my name is min! people in real life call me becki. i'm a silly little fella making silly little art. i'm the creator behind kimberly and the gang

this comic is about a cast of teenage chimeras assigned to protect the world from monsters! can they do it?!?!?! can they save humanity once and for all?!?!?!

a good amount of the cast was created in 2013 when i was an even sillier, littler fella. but they didn't have any sort of original story until 2018. which is NOT CHIMERA KINGDOM or anything close to that, but it was a decent foundation for my ocs because the initial story idea helped build on who they are now. i called this site "kimberlyandgang" because i like to be flexible and have fun with the characters and their stories

outide of CHIMERA KINGDOM, i made two other comics: of starry storms (2016-2020) and misaki dreams (2020). feel free to read them if you want. they're both school life/slice of life comics, so they're both pretty different from this one

fun fact: atticus is the only character in this comic that doesn't originally belong to me. he's a friend's!

genres: sci-fi, dystopian fiction, adventure, comedy, romance, psychological

status: under production

blah blah blah

name: min
age: eternal (19)
pronouns: any
species: sad
chinese american

likes — shrimp, anime, comics, yellow and pink, feeling existential, video games, talking about myself(narcissism...), cute plushies

dislikes — excessive gore/angst unless i'm the one drawing/writing it, beans, milk, bugs, muggy weather, voltron legendary defender, myself

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my social media is mostly anime fan art LMFAO

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